Customized Packaging Tapes are available to buy tapes in Qatar online. These Printing Tape is a proficient and most used for branding and marketing purpose. By using these tapes you can stand out in the market. These tapes also works as safety tapes and used for packaging purpose too. You can print Organization name, logo, contact details, website, slogan and phone number on these tapes. You can have any kind of design on these tapes. It also act’s as sealing agent for boxes, packaging, gift’s or any other and it can be used to seal that object opening.

Customized Printing Tapes Samples

Product Specifications
Brand Tapes Qatar
Application Branding, Promotion, Marketing, general purpose, decorative
Size 12 mm, 18 mm, 24 mm, 36 mm, 48 mm, 72 mm
Material Polythene
Feature Water Proof
Packaging Type Corrugated Box
Pattern As per your design
Adhesive Side Single Sided
Features Highly Adhesive
Features Highly Adhesive, long life, plastic based Material
Adhesive Type Acrylic based

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