Get Your Customized Design Tapes in Qatar

We at Tapes Qatar, provides custom design made printing tape for your business.
We make customized tapes which will reflect your brand and help you do marketing for your business.
Custom branding tapes are is of the way to do marketing for your business. The first thing a customer see’s is the
packaging on the tapes. If you take any big brand be it amazon, ebay, alibaba and many more. The way these brands have make themselves big is using the branding and customized tapes r custom printed tapes is one of the best way to market your self.

How Customized Tapes can help your grow in your business ?

Customized tapes or personalized packaging tapes will help you do marketing for your business in Qatar. there is a huge gaps in Qatar market for brands who
uses customized tapes and we try to fill that gap with our personalized branding tapes. We take your logo and make custom design tapes which reflects your brand and
your company. As soon a customer receive your packet, the first thing he sees is the packaging and the branding over it. Branded packaging tape is one of the best
to showcase how much you as a company value your business and it helps the customer also to connect with your brand more.

How can we contact you ?

You can contact us just by visiting our contact us page and also you can drop us an email at to drop inquiry about your custom printed tapes.
We usually try to reply in 24 hours for all your queries.

In how much time you can get your customized tapes ?

We generally takes 2-4 weeks to make your order ready for customized tapes once we receive final confirmation from your end. This is based on the final logo/branding

material we recieve from you. We try to understand how and what kind of branding you need.

What types tapes in width you provide ?

We print tapes in width of 1 inches, 2 inches, 3 inches and 4 inches. These are the standard width we use for printing. Generally the large volume of printing orders we get are in 1 and 2 inches. The standard length of the tape is of 65 meters, but that is not fixed it can vary from 30 to 90 meters as well depending upon the order and requirement.

Some of the samples of Customized Tapes

What kind of material do you use for making custom design tapes ?

We used Acrylic based for customised packing tape or packaging tape with logo for branding purpose. This is a totally plastic based material which we use for
printing your tapes and it is a long lasting durable material for making personalised packaging tape.

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